Brand New Colour IR Advance 20/30ppm Mark iii

IR Adv DX C3720i/ IR Adv DX C3730i

Brand New Colour IR Advance 35/40/50/60ppm Mark i /ii /iii

IR Adv C5535i/ IR Adv C5540i/ IR Adv C5550i/

IR Adv C5560i Mark i /ii /iii with finisher

Brand New IR Adv 6555/IR Adv 6575i

IR Adv C5200

IR Adv 8505i

IR Adv C3300


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Offering the biggest and best brands in printers and copiers for over 30 years.

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Highly qualified and experienced Technicians provide same-day servicing and repairs of all photocopiers and facsimile machines.

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Genuine and Remanufacturer Toner Cartridges for all the big brands.

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